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ISU vs. Evansville

Chat with Pantagraph sportswriter Jim Benson before the ISU men's basketball game against Evansville.

  • Zeke is typical "tweener" type, not quite big enough to play up front consistently and not quite quick enough to play on the perimeter, especially against teams like Evansville that really like to play small ball. But he is a valuable guy because he can be used in multiple spots. If anyone up front goes down, he will really be needed. He played well at Morehead State and gave the team a spark. He seems to be the 10th man in the rotation at the time, and usually ISU plays eight or nine guys regularly. Especially with Bryant Allen playing well right now, that really will limit Zeke's minutes on the perimeter.
  • Tarise Bryson is ISU's ambassador today and signing autographs on the concourse. He will be introduced during a first-half timeout. Bryson is the last MVC player to average 20 or more points for the season. Doug McDermott of Creighton or Colt Ryan of Evansville, or both, could both finish above 20 this season. The next Bryson could be headed to ISU next season in Aaron Simpson of North Chicago. He reminds me a lot of Tarise. Very quick release and great elevation.
  • Are you tired of all the schedule talk? It seems every year the schedule is really bad. Embarrassing bad. It doesn't seem like it's ever going to change. Certainly not under this coaching staff. I know as a fan, I have had enough of it. I'd rather lose to someone good than beat a terrible team. Other mid major teams have it figured out. Why can't we?
  • I agree. Super sick of the scheduling stuff. They need to bring in some good midmajor teams, such as St. Louis, Tulsa, Temple, etc., those kind of teams that will do home-and-home. I totally understand not going to UNC like Evansville did and get your brains beat in. I don't think that helped Evansville at all. But what helped Creighton was playing at Saint Joseph's (and losing). Those are the types of programs I would like to see ISU targeting in its scheduling. Hopefully, Friedman has more say in the schedule. Sheahon Zenger basically left it in the basketball coach's hands, which most schools do.
  • Regarding Simpson, I was very impressed with him. Really worried about him qualifying. Probably impossible to answer, but is he close to qualifying?
  • Got about five minutes to get some questions in. Fire away...
  • You always here guys are "close," whatever that means. We'll see. He would be a great addition next season. Someone just asked about Tarise and what he is doing. Still living in Decatur. Maybe the Central Illinois Drive should sign him. That's all. Game time. Thanks for participating. We will do again at 6 p.m. from Wichita. That will be a tough game, folks.
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